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A Tale of Two Losers?

Posted by Josh on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.

A Tale of Two Losers?

Okay, I know that's too strong. But the Muskies are trying to avoid their 4th loss in a row tonight while Wake Forest is trying to avoid falling to a .500 record. Wake Forest is 4-2 at home but they have 0 decent wins. Here's how they've fared against "decent" teams...
@UConn - lost by 6
Iona (neutral) - lost by 26
Neb - lost by 16
@Richmond - lost by 2
Seton Hall - lost by 4

That's their 5 losses; their 6 wins were against some not-so-great teams to say the least....UNCG, Furman, High Pt, W&M, Mercer, and Radford.

So we know this game is winnable. It's a matter of which Xavier team shows up. C'mon Muskies! Let's make something happen tonight! We need a win!

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