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Another must-win home game, XU vs. Richmond

Posted by Josh on Friday, February 24, 2012 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.

Another must-win home game, XU vs. Richmond

The Muskies loss to UMass Tuesday night gives them no breathing room in the fight for a spot in the tourney.  Thankfully, the teams on the bubble this year are much weaker than most years so the Muskies are still in the hunt.

Richmond comes to Cintas Center for an 8pm game Saturday.  They are 4-9 on the road and only 6-8 in the A10, but they've had some solid wins this year.  They beat Temple by 11 (albeit without Temple's big man), they beat LaSalle a few weeks ago, and they won at St. Joe's last week.  Not too shabby.

There are some unfamiliar faces on Richmond's starting 5 this year.  They have 4 guys averaging double-digit points per game, and none of them are Seniors.  Even the mascot is new this year.  They finally did away with that creepy, fan-repellant of a mascot.  They must've realized that kids don't like giant spiders running up to them and trying to hug them.  Or not.  The new mascot is a still a spider, but this time, a creepier one.  Not possible?  Well see for yourself.  Old mascot, Spidey, is on the left and new mascot, WebstUR (yep, for real) is on the right.  It's hard to tell from this angle, but WebstUR has 4 legs and some webs coming out of his back to ensure a 100% nightmare guarantee for all passersby under the age of 10.

It's time for our upper-classmen to step up and take over games.  Facing a young team with many who've yet to play a game in Cintas, a Musketeers win is the only acceptable outcome Saturday.

Go Muskies!

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