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HELLO BULGARIA! Another new Musketeer is named

Posted by Josh on Friday, May 17, 2013 Under: Recruiting/Roster Updates

HELLO BULGARIA! Another new Musketeer is named

Chris Mack's quick trip to Europe between games a few months ago has paid off huge. Aleksander Vezenkov, a 6'8" forward from Bulgaria, committed to Xavier yesterday. AND he will be enrolling this fall and should be eligible immediately.

There has been some debate on his eligibility due to him playing on a pro team in Greece. He has never signed a pro contract or been paid to play for the team so he meets all NCAA guidelines regarding this issue.

Vez (much easier to write and say than his full name) will just be turning 18 this summer but has already played against some very good competition in Europe. Vez is a scorer and can shoot well for being 6'8". He's listed anywhere from 200 to 220 pounds; he'll certainly need to add to that in the weight room in his time at X.

The Xavier staff is looking great as they add one player after another. A guard at Indiana, Remy Abell, will likely make his decision on where he will transfer today. Word is that he is now down to just SLU and XU. He would have to this out this coming year and then would have 2 years of eligiblity at X.


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