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Muskies give up 13 threes, fall to UMass at home

Posted by Josh on Sunday, March 3, 2013 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.
With a less than 100% Dee Davis and no Landen Amos, the Muskies couldn't get it done on Saturday. The biggest problem was the 3 point shot. UMass hit 13 of 25 on 3-pointers, accounting for more than half of the Minutemen's points.

With UMass star Chaz Williams in foul trouble most of the game, the Muskies really should've been able to win this game. Semaj played 39 minutes and had 17pts and 6 ast, includ 7-8 from the line. Philmore had 14 and Redford had 13 but the first of the team didn't have a lot of offense. Martin had 9 and Taylor had 10 but did almost nothing in the 2nd half.

The loss really kills X's chances at a bye in the A10 tourney. Winning both the remaining games would be the Muskies only chance and that's not gonna be easy. Wednesday night, X hosts St. Louis on Senior Night and then heads to play at Butler on Saturday.

Our hopes for an at-large bid are completely gone. The only way to the big dance is by winning the A10 tourney so these next 2 games are basically warm-up games for the ones that really matter. Wins of course would help X get a better seed in Brooklyn.

Go Muskies!

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