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Muskies host Bama Saturday night

Posted by Josh on Saturday, December 6, 2014 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.

Muskies host Bama Saturday night

The Muskies lost their last 2 in the tourney out in California, and predictably a small portion of Xavier Nation flipped out and overreacted.  We looked horrible in big stretches of those 2 games. But our team is made up of 9 freshmen+sophomores! They are young, inexperienced, and learning on the fly. They will learn from the sting of those losses and get better. The Muskies 3-pt defense has to get better, no doubt about it. And the wide open shots that weren't falling for X certainly were in their first handful of games so I think the shooting woes like that will not last long.

The Alabama Crimson Tide come to Cintas with a 5-1 record; the only loss being a 10 point loss against #13 Iowa State.The Muskies sit at 5-2 after losing their last two and will certainly be happy to have the home court advantage of Cintas Center in hopes of getting back to the win column.

Let's go Muskies!!!

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