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My apologies for the site lull of late!

Posted by Josh on Friday, April 11, 2014 Under: Other News
To all of those who visit the site, thank you so much for your time here and, more importantly, for your loyalty to everything-Xavier! My sincere apologies for being a complete slacker on the site the last couple weeks. I have a new Musketeer in my household and she has taken up a lot of my free time! It didn't help me that XU was eliminated on Day 1 of the tourney! It takes a while to process a Xavier tourney loss before I can move on; will have to get better about that. But I'm back!

Much to discuss over the summer!
- Who's going? Who's staying? We know Semaj Christon is NBA-bound. Kamal Richards has opted to transfer out. (God let's hope Mack is not going anywhere!)
- We'll continuously add to Xavier's schedule on the "Schedules" page of the site as the opponents are confirmed.
- How's this fall's class looking? (Hint - Quite good!) And what's going on out on the recruiting trails for 2015?
- Going to write about our favorite Musketeers of all-time...why not, it's the off-season!
- And more!

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