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NIT snubs X, the season is over but new Big East is almost official!

Posted by Josh on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Under: A10/Big East News
You would think that since the A10 got 5 teams in the NCAA tourney and X beat 4 of those 5 that X would have easily made the NIT. Nope, the NIT invited 3 A10 teams but not the Muskies.

What the heck??? I really feel for the Seniors who worked so hard this year and I'm sure wanted to finish their careers on a brighter note than being knocked out of the A10 tourney.

Xavier was offered to play in the CBI tourney but declined. This tourney requires the teams that are invited to actually pay an entrance fee and doesn't get a lot of national coverage. So X declining this makes sense. But this also means that the Muskies season is over and that sucks. Even though it's a rough year, I wanted to see our guys, especially Brad Redford and Travis Taylor, for a few more games.

In happier news, tomorrow Xavier is expected to announce that they will be joining the new 10 team Big East conference with Butler and Creighton. November can't get here soon enough!

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