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Schools say USBank site for Shootout not a done deal

Posted by Josh Bobinger on Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Under: Other News
Well, after it was reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer early yesterday that the next 2 years of Crosstown Shootouts will be at USBank Arena downtown, both schools have said that there is no deal in place.  An announcement will come in the next few weeks.

Maybe after hearing fans, media, writers, etc. ripping this move, the schools are reconsidering.  I sure hope so.  While I'm sure the atmosphere at USBank will be more exciting than your average game, there are so many students and players over the next two years that will miss out on the unique experience and atmosphere of attending/playing in their last Shootout on their home floor.  It is a memory they would have the rest of their lives.

Go Muskies!

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