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Ummmm, is Lyons gone or not?

Posted by Josh on Monday, April 23, 2012 Under: Recruiting/Roster Updates
In what has been a year swirling out of control with XU's PR, we will continue that trend today.

News broke yesterday that Lyons was asked to not return to Xavier for this Senior season....ummm, yeah but others have now written that that may not in fact be the case.  Or, maybe not yet.  There's other articles that he could transfer to Arizona and Sean Miller.  There have been no statements from the coaching, AD, or Xavier.  In my opinion, his has been handled absolutely horribly.

My thoughts at this point:
(assuming Lyons is leaving)
- If this was totally Mack's decision 100%, then I guess I can live with it. It sucks that we would lose one of the best players in the A10, but we have to trust him.
- Even if this was all Mack's decision and no donors or Administration (I really hope they weren't pushing Mack but who knows!), it just kinda rubs me the wrong way that we aren't letting Lyons stay for his Senior year. He has given his last 4 years to Xavier, worked really hard, and gone to class. I know scholarships are year-to-year now (which is another debate) but I feel like he's earned it to get to play his Senior year. He is a fellow Musketeer like you and I.
- People critcize Lyons a lot.  He is not a perfect person, but neither am I. And you probably aren't either.
- I hope someone at Xavier announces soon that Lyons is either staying or leaving. This is ridiculous!

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