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Where do we go from here?

Posted by Josh on Monday, January 7, 2013 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.
Where do we go from here? With a 7-6 record and a 4-game losing streak, things are looking quite grim for Xavier fans these days. I think we all know that we lost all 5 starters last year and have endured some bad luck to say the least. Other than Senior Travis Taylor, no one is playing well consistently right now. Most of our key players are young this year which is very uncommon for Xavier teams over the years. Semaj Christon is a freshman and Dee Davis and Justin Martin are sophomores. Remeber that there are 6 players (or maybe more) that will be playing next year that aren't this year:
Matt Stainbrook (transfer), Chris Cantino, Jalen Reynolds and Myles Davis (ineligible this yr), Brandon Randolph and Kamall Richards (incoming freshmen)

We Xavier fans have not endured a rough season in a long time. The last 3 weeks make it look like it could be just that. I hope it doesn't turn out that way but it's not looking good. We need to remember that although the season looks bleak, the future is bright for Xavier. We have multiple 4-star players joining the team next year. Sometime this year, we are likely to be invited to join a higher-revenue conference where basketball is the main focus. The rough times at Xavier should be brief.
Let's take the rest of this year to watch our young players develop and who knows, maybe something good can still come of this. Yes, our non-conference games went horribly but the A-10 season has yet to begin. So, technically, we are in a 16-way tie for 1st place in the conference right now. The A10 has some very good teams in it. Butler is playing much, much better than when we beat them back in November and VCU and Temple look like tourney teams right now. Few, if any, conference games will be easy so these next couple weeks should make this young team stronger and more experienced down the road. Let's hope that experience pays off sooner rather than later.
The A10 season kicks off Thursday night at home vs Temple. Let's go Muskies!!!

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