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Will Mack make a late addition to this fall's team?

Posted by Josh on Thursday, August 16, 2012 Under: Recruiting/Roster Updates
We've been wondering all summer...what will Xavier do with the last scholarship opening for this fall?  Another high-schooler from the class 2012, a transfer, or maybe save the spot for an extra freshman next year...? 

When it looked like the first option was completely off the table, it might end up being just that.  Indiana had one too many players slated to be on scholarship this fall.  In a classy move, Tom Crean over-recruited this class and someone had to be squeezed.  Ron Patterson, an incoming freshmen, out of nowhere has academic issues and will not be on scholarship this year.  He did qualify to enroll at IU and even has taken summer classes there so this seems to be a case of scholarship limits, not academic standards.

Xavier just so happens to be one of the top schools that recruited Patterson before he committed to IU.  Now, with XU being in the minority of Division I schools with an open scholly, the Muskies might be in business!

IU has dropped the ball in the past with a few players that we've been happy to accommodate, Tu Holloway and Jordan Crawford.
We'll let you know if anything becomes official.  Go Muskies!

In : Recruiting/Roster Updates 

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