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Xavier outplays St. Joe's but loses in final second

Posted by Josh Bobinger on Saturday, March 16, 2013 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.

Xavier outplays St. Joe's but loses in final second

That game was just too painful for us Muskie faithful. I can't remember a game where that many good shots were in and out. Very hard to take that loss. As the A10 tourney continues, I can't even watch any of the games. I know that Xavier is capable of beating every team in the conference which is really frustrating.

The Muskies are not NCAA tourney bound for the first time since 2005! I forgot how crappy it feels to not be in the tourney. March Madness is not fun without our Muskies.

X will almost definitely be invited to play in the NIT next week. While it is not the NCAAs, I will certainly still follow X closely. We live and die as Musketeers and this year's team has so much fight and heart in them that I absolutely love to cheer for them.

It seems like this season will always be "what could have been" when thinking back on it. Mack did an amazing job with the players he had but Mark Lyons and Dez Wells provided tons of offense to their new teams this year. Dez scored 30 last night to help Maryland knock off #2 Duke! Lyons has been a big part of Arizona's success. This year's X team is one that has been great on defense but just not had enough offensive fire power. So you can't help but wonder how great they could've been with those two on the team.  The positive aspect of losing those 2 though is that Justin Martin, Dee Davis, etc. got a lot more experience this year and that should pay dividends next year. I sure hope it does. I don't like X being on the sidelines when March Madness kicks off! The future for X is bright. A big new conference. A big-time player, Semaj Christon, with a year of experience under his belt. And lots of highly-rated young guys joining the program. I can't wait for November!

Go Muskies!

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