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Xavier survives with ugly win over Robert Morris

Posted by Josh on Sunday, November 18, 2012 Under: Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc.
It wasn't pretty but a win is a win, right? The Muskies held on to win 61-59. Robert Morris came out hot shooting 3s early on but Xavier's defense improved later in the 1st half and looked better in the 2nd half.

Justin Martin scored 10 points before the 10 minute mark in the 1st half and ended up with a career-high 17 pts, thanks in large part from going 4 for 6 on 3-pointers. Dee Davis scored 15 pts on 6 of 10 shooting and Semaj Christon had 12 pts and 6 asts despite still not being 100% healthy; Semaj tweaked his leg down the stretch and came out so we'll keep an eye on him. Brad Redford had an off shooting night but drew a foul and hit 2 big free throws to put XU with 37 seconds left.

The bad news is that the Muskies had only 10 assists and turned the ball over 15 times which allowed RMU to stick with them all day. We didn't get the ball to Jeff Robinson enough, he only took 3 shots all day. It was an ugly-looking game that we are lucky to get out of with a win. Mack seemed to really rip into the guys in the locker room after the game. Let's see how they respond as they head out west to the Anaheim Classic tournament which starts on Thanksgiving day. 

Go Muskies!

In : Game Recaps, Notes, Previews, etc. 

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