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XU Freshman Myles Davis ruled ineligible by NCAA

Posted by Josh on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Under: Recruiting/Roster Updates
News just broke by, Jeff Goodman wrote the following:

Myles Davis and Sam Cassell Jr., sat in the same classroom as eight of their Notre Dame Prep teammates two years ago, took the identical classes and yet they have both been ruled ineligible by the NCAA while the others were allowed to take the court last season.

Davis is a Xavier freshman guard who has lost both of his appeals while Cassell, who signed with Maryland, is the son of the former NBA player with the same name who is hoping that a last-ditch appeal is granted later this week.

Here's the situation: Davis and Cassell both had classes they took in the 2011-12 school year invalidated by the NCAA largely because the NCAA put the Fitchburg, Mass., school on the "Watch List." By the time Davis was notified by the NCAA that the school was under review, which Davis' father told was last winter, it was too late to take any other classes to replace the ones invalidated by the NCAA because Davis was already in his fifth year.

"I can't figure it all out," said Sam Davis, Myles' father. "It doesn't make any sense."

"When the classes were taken," he added. "Notre Dame Prep wasn't on any list. It's just not fair."

Davis had four core classes tossed out by the NCAA that he took his senior season: Novel and film, Biology 12, English 12 and 20th Century. Eight of his teammates who attended the exact same classes that year were deemed qualifiers and played last season: Todd Mayo (Marquette), Angel Nunez (Louisville), Khem Birch (Pittsburgh -- now at UNLV), Grandy Glaze (Saint Louis), Zarko Valijarevic (Maine), Luka Radovic (South Carolina State), Devon McMillan (Fordham) and Jeff Short (Fordham).

"They should have grandfathered the rule," Sam Davis said.

Davis wasn't just ruled ineligible to play, either. According to the NCAA, he isn't allowed to practice with the team or receive aid -- unlike the ruling the NCAA gave Providence freshman Ricky Ledo, who attended four schools -- one of which was Notre Dame Prep.

Now Davis' father said he will take out a $30,000 loan so his son can attend Xavier this season, but he is also researching whether to hire legal representation to fight the NCAA ruling. Myles Davis has, according to his father, maintained a 2.6 GPA while attending summer school classes at the school.

"He's shown a willingness to succeed and has been diligent," Davis said. "But they based their decision on his freshman and sophomore year in high school, which isn't fair. The light comes on for kids at different times and I think it's shameful what they've done."

The NCAA has certainly stepped up its efforts to police some of the questionable prep schools throughout the country. That's why Rodney Purvis remains in limbo right now and why Notre Dame Prep is among many schools under an NCAA microscope.

However, there needs to be consistency. McMillan started 23 games last season at Fordham, Mayo was a key reserve for Marquette a year ago and Radovic averaged 18 minutes per game at South Carolina State.

Davis and Cassell both sat in the same room, took identical classes and neither will be allowed to play -- or even practice -- this season. 

Our streak of bad luck is never-ending I guess.  I don't see how Davis is ruled ineligible while the others who took exactly the classes he took were allowed to play.  On top of that, the fact that he has to pay his way for the year and can't practice with the team is just plain ridiculous.

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