January 2012 - What's this site all about?  Well, it's simple really.  I love Xavier basketball; my wife and I have season tickets and we haven't missed a game in years.  Every week or so I had been sending an e-mail to all my XU buddies who no longer live in Cincy, giving them the status of our Xavier Musketeers.  I decided, why not post my thoughts, pictures, etc. on a website for everyone to see.  And here we are. 

Check back often as I plan to add quite a bit to the site.

Go Muskies!!!


March 2012 - I want to thank my good friend, Ron, for helping out with the site while I was in Atlantic City for the A10 Tourney.  Your posts were great and nothing short of hilarious.  Thanks Ron!

January 2013 - After a year of the site, we've been visited by people in almost every state and more than a dozen countries! Thanks for reading and sharing the love for Xavier!

March 2014 - Thanks everyone who posted, tweeted, or in some other way suggested fun photo-shop ideas over the season. There were some good ones. And yes some were a little too far over the line for me to make into a picture and post. But those ideas were entertaining nonetheless! I have some fun ideas for next year, stay tuned!

Summer 2014 - Thanks again to all who are visiting the site. Hope you enjoy it. I know that there has not been as much content of late. My wife and I added a little Musketeer to the family December 23 of last year so we've had to be a lot more responsible adults since then. My daughter is now sleeping through the night  so hopefully that will continue (knock on wood) and I'll have more time to spend on the site.