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Crosstown Shootout will be at USBank with a new name

Posted by Josh on Thursday, June 14, 2012 Under: Other News

Crosstown Shootout will be at USBank with a new name

A press conference at the National Underground Freedom Center downtown just occurred and it's been announced that the Crosstown Shootout will be played at the US Bank Arena the next 2 years.  It's not the Crosstown Shootout anymore though.  It's now called the "Skyline Chili Crosstown Classic".  Yes, really.  A portion of the ticket sales will be shared with the Freedom Center.

The change of name certainly wipes away the past, doesn't it?  What a joke.  Now people will always see this new name and say, "hey, I thought it was called the Crosstown Shootout"....and then they'll be reminded that the clowns in charge changed the name of it after the fight.  The fight that will NEVER EVER be forgotten.  Horribly handled by both administrations.  Why not just play the games on the college campuses (reminder - this is a college rivalry) and have both schools do some charity work together for the weeks leading up to the game?  

Completely changing the setup, venue, name, etc. is just a reminder to everyone of the unfortunate incident that happened last year.  We need to move past it, not keep it directly in our minds.

Update - most upsetting than anything else, this game is scheduled over Xavier's WINTER BREAK!  C'mon man!  So not only do the students not get to enjoy this rivalry game on campus colleges, those that don't live in Cincinnati aren't even going to get the chance to go to the game!  That is a real shame for the students.  What a joke.

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